13 Free-Useful Apps For International Students In Australia


We are living in a digital age, aren’t we? Our business is online, our shopping is online & all our connections or relationships are online in one sense or another. It is to be noted that if the evolution of Internet speed wasn’t the case, the digital age would have never come around. Apps determine the stability of the digital age we live in. Imagine using an app that crashes now and then, would you enjoy it? Of Course not! Hence, one can say, Apps play a significant role in our digital presence. But the Importance of apps changes with the country.

When you are an International student studying abroad, you need to have an idea about the most useful apps that can make your life there easier. We, at Trans Globe Australia, help aspirants achieve ease of living in Australia, through our Education and Migration services. If you are studying in Australia, here are the 13 free and useful Apps for International Students in Australia. 

  • Safe Zone

Did you know CQ University  in Australia brought up this app for their students to learn about their surroundings better? This app remains mobile-friendly and connects students to the faculties and top management in case of emergency. Your safety is a priority, and thus the Safe zone remains one of the recommended free and useful
Apps for International Students in Australia. 

  • Duolingo

When in Australia or any other country, English proficiency remains one of the important aspects which is a must to have for ease of living there. Duolingo is an app that helps you to polish your communication skills. 

  • Google Translate

English proficiency is one thing and accent is another. One of the issues an International student may face in a foreign country is catching up with an accent. It is where Google Translate comes in to ease things down for you. Google Translate remains one of the most important Free & Useful
Apps for International Students in Australia. 

  • Zoom

You might be well aware of this app. Zoom is a classic online platform that helps you to hold meetings. It’s what makes virtual a better option. Do you miss your family? Or do you have a project to discuss with your colleagues? Zoom is an app that can connect you better with the people of importance in your life. 

  • Canva

Again, a known name for all of us. Canva helps you to put your word out in a creative way. International students need to make an impact or if said precisely, an impression that can put them into the spotlight. Canva offers free templates and designs which you can use at your convenience. It is one of the free Apps for International Students in Australia. 

  • Spotify

We need a vent. Australia offers luxury but also demands a lot of hard work for it. It’s necessary to feel fresh now and then if you are going to make your living without any friction in Australia. Spotify brings the world’s music to your fingertips. Isn’t that great? Listen. Enjoy. Repeat. 

  • City Mapper

One of the most essential free & useful apps for International Students In Australia is City mapper. You don’t want to get lost in a foreign land. City mapper assures you have got the routes of the Australian city right. It’s not only useful for locating places, but it also empowers your confidence to roam in the city without bumping into any kind of trouble. 

  • Grammarly

It’s necessary to tell a story, but it’s also necessary to write a story. Your ability to present is what makes you different. Grammarly helps you to learn spaces or errors you may not be able to locate by yourself in your written piece of English literature.  It not only fixes your grammar but also helps you improve your vocabulary. 

  • XE Currency

It’s nothing new the fact that an International student has to work part-time to sustain living in Australia. XE currency helps you to realize what you earn, and how much you earn in respect to the country you came from. It compares the currency of two countries to give you the right idea of your expenses and needs.

  • Dictionary

Well, accent changes everything, and sometimes the spelling of words too. It can confuse an individual sometimes and may keep the right meaning of the word away from the mind. It is then, you can use a Dictionary to understand words that baffle you. Dictionaries remain one of the most important Free & Useful Apps for International Students in Australia.

  • Map My Fitness

Health is wealth, especially when you are alone in a foreign land, a thousand miles away from your own country. If you aren’t considering your health your primary concern, you are getting the purpose of life entirely wrong. A fit body is one that is able to avail everything which an individual desires. Map my fitness keeps a record of your health and lets you know the steps or schedule you need to adopt in order to enhance it. 

  • Whats App

Data roaming and unnecessary phone charges can be a concern for you if you are not using an app like Whats App. Whats App is the most reliable app used globally to chat and connect with people, for free. Whats App is one of the widely recognized Free & Useful Apps for International Students in Australia.

  • Meet Up!

A good social life is not a desire, but a right of an Individual. When you are an International student, you are unaware of many things in Australia. Meetup helps you to connect with genuine social groups and people.

Thank you so much for reading our blog. We hope you enjoyed it. We hope you will use some of these Free & Useful Apps for International Students in Australia to enhance your comfort in Australia. We are Global Education Specialists dedicated to working for your growth in Education and Migration in Australia. The clarity you desire about Education and Migration in Australia is just a consultation away. 


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