Top Universities For International Students In Adelaide

What are the things that matter the most to International students? A good stay? Sure. A good University? Well, Yeah!!! Good Employment Opportunities? Of course! A pathway to settlement? Who doesn’t want that right? Quality Education is the pathway to settlement in Australia. In this blog, we help you understand reasons you should study in Adelaide and brief you regarding top Universities For International Students In Adelaide.

We understand you want to tick all the boxes according to your plan and we at Trans Globe Australia want to ensure the same for you. What If we tell you there’s a destination in Australia that is perfect for you? Yes, perfect. South Australia has everything you desire.  How? We list the details below, Tag along!

South Australia offers a lifestyle that suits your plans for work-life balance, there’s leisure, there’s peace and there’s modernism which you like to be part of. Now We are sure, you must be wondering which city will suit you the most?  The Answer is Adelaide.  

Top 5 reasons for International students to study in Adelaide:

1) High-Quality Education For International Students In Adelaide:

The sole purpose of International Students In Australia is common, quality education. Adelaide is home to several world-renowned universities that offer high-quality education and research opportunities. We are Educational Partners with 97% of Australian Universities. We can help with your admission into the top universities. 

2) Affordable Cost of Living For International Students In Adelaide:

Compared to other major Australian cities, Adelaide is known for its relatively affordable cost of living. We understand that as an International student, managing your finance is your top priority. Adelaide offers everything better and at a better price which is why it is ranked as one of the most affordable city for International students In Australia. 

3) Vibrant Student Life For International Students In Adelaide:

What is life is without a good social life? Adelaide has a vibrant student community, with plenty of social and cultural activities to engage in. Adelaide offers International Students In Australia a life that is a mixture of modernism and cultural. Adelaide is known for multicultural community. 

4) Safe and Friendly Environment for International Students In Adelaide:

One of the most important aspect which International student In Australia consider the most is safety. Safety is a concern when it’s far from reach, Adelaide is known for its welcoming and friendly community. It is the third most secure city in the world. So, Safety is actually the comfort for International Student In Australia. 

5) Job Opportunities For International Students In Adelaide:

Studying in Adelaide can lead to excellent job opportunities after & before graduation. The city helps you add valuable work experience to your profile with the kind of vibrant scope of work it inherits. Adelaide being the ever evolving city, it offers something to everyone. If you are an International Student In Adelaide, stay assured to find a good part time job during your studies and a full time job post your graduation. 


Here are TOP 5 Universities For International Students In Adelaide:

University Of Adelaide: 

Located at the heart of most livable city, it is known for it’s outstanding research work, it’s ranked among top 1% globally. They offer almost every popular program and is top ranked in South Australia for graduate employability. 

Flinders University:

Progressive, Student Centric & Career Minded, Flinders University is everything you desire for as an International Student In Australia. It is ranked among top 2% universities in the world. Flinders University offers over 300 undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees across 17 study areas.

University Of South Australia:

‘Focus beyond classrooms’ is this university’s mission for every International student who choose to enroll at UNISA. It is ranked among top 100 universities around the world and remains most popular for it’s practical approach in studies to make you job ready when you graduate. They have vibrant partnerships with over 2500 companies, which makes finding job easier for you after graduation.


At TAFE SA, you will develop the skills employers want. Many of their courses include placements as their part of program. TAFE SA has partnered with the University of South Australia, The University of Adelaide and Flinders University and Over 90% of TAFE SA graduates go directly to the university of their chosen career upon completion of their required qualification. 

Torrens University:

Torrens University is also known as the Industry’s university due to their Industrial connections and Industry centric courses which makes International student In Adelaide Job Ready. Torrens has also been rated as one of the fastest growing university in Australia. Torrens University offers popular program across all campus in Australia, i.e Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, & Brisbane. 

Popular Programs For International Students In Adelaide-

IT, Engineering, Architecture, health and Business

  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting, Finance etc.)
  • Bachelor of Engineering – 8 weeks Internship.
  • Bachelor of Computer Science ( AI, Networking, Machine Learning, Cyber Security)
  • Bachelor of Architecture Design
  • Bachelor of IT
  • MBA (Project Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Wine Business, Interpersonal trade development)
  • Master of Architecture Design
  • Master of Computer science (AI, Networking, Machine Learning, Cyber Security)
  • Master of Engineering
  • Master of Data Analytics – (12 weeks of Internship)
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Masters Of Nursing

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