Top 5 Trade Courses In Australia Which Every International Student Should Consider

Australia is among those few destinations in the entire world, where most people dream of settling down as immigrants. The rapidly rising economy and abundant opportunities have made Australia one of the best places on this planet to settle down fruitfully. However, immigrants find it complicated to analyse and select a suitable pathway to obtain a Permanent Resident (PR) status. 

A common mistake that has been observed is about having no relation between an individuals’ education and current profession, makes them vulnerable. Sometimes, this turns out to be a costly affair as education is relatively expensive in Australia, especially for international students. Therefore, more than having the right education and proper employability, students need to have legitimate knowledge about their career path. A student needs to have the required qualifications and should be employable in sectors that are high in demand, will make them eligible for PR.

The intention of obtaining a Permanent Residency

The Australian government is striving to fill the skill gaps with the right workforce in which there is a need for skilled individuals in the trade industry. Pursuing the right trade course will open doors for you to develop the required skills that are in demand.

You need to understand that a trade course significantly differs from a university qualification. Typically, an individual can complete a trade course within two years. These courses are a combination of classroom education and vocational training.

Here is a list of trade courses that can significantly increase your chances of attaining a PR status in Australia.

  • Carpentry
  • Painting
  • Fabrication
  • Automotive
  • Cookery

A significant growth will be seen in the trade courses in the upcoming years and that’s the reason of the surge in the skilled trade workers’ requirement. A trade is comparatively cheaper when compared to a university course and has a shorter duration as well. In most cases, the course is coupled with practical exposure and job placement which may lead to Graduate 485 visa.